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FT BETSPRINTS are paused until further notice. stay tuned.


+ 1 UNITs

MONDAY / 29.01.2024 - Odds: 2.05

Bordeaux (H) - Angers (A) | 1:0



- 0,75 UNITs

TUESDAY / 30.01.2024 - Odds: 2.07

Crystal Palace (H) - Sheffield Utd (A) | 3:2




WEDNESDAY / 31.01.2024 - Odds: 2.43

Man City (H) - Burnley (A) | 3:1



+ 0,75EH

(BS3) +1,55UNITs / UPDATED: 31.01.2024

*BS3Β  | 02.01. - 31.01.2024

faq: bet sprints

get answers to common questions
start date
the first bet sprint starts on 20.10.2023 - 7PM CET. this and subsequent bet sprints are by default 4 weeks long.

the second bet sprint starts on 18.11.2023 - 9PM CET.

the third bet sprint starts on 02.01.2024 - 20:30 CET.

FT betsprints are currently paused. in case they will continue at some point, it will be announced - in time - through our social channels and on friendtech.
how to participate
you must hold at least one friendtech key on the start date of the respective bet sprint.
what is friendtech
in simple terms: a social network where users can buy and sell access to each other's content and actions.

it's currently in the beta version, (highly) speculative and access to the network works via invite. use one of the invite codes below to try it out yourself:

what is in for me
if we make a profit, it will be shared among keyholders at the end of each bet sprint. profit will be paid in fiat currency, such as USD or EUR.

❗ your payout is calculated based on the number of keys you hold divided by the total number of keys held by all 'friends' participating in the respective bet sprint. for example: if 10 'friends' hold 20 keys in total, and you alone hold 5 keys, you would receive 25% of the profit. simple as that.

yes, we do hold some of our own keys. of course we will exclude ourselves from the profit distribution.
what else is important
πŸ“’ number of spots: 10

! the number of added spots decreases by 2 for each subsequent bet sprint. in other words, for bet sprint TWO, there are 8 new / additional spots available, and so on. empty spots will not be transferred to the next bet sprint. starting from bet sprint SIX, only one spot will be added. capped if 35 spots in total are taken. the number of available spots may change as the project progresses, but there will always be at least 35 spots available.

πŸ“‹ type of bets: single (pre-match)

⚽ sports: football only !

πŸ’° bankroll: USD 200

initial bankroll for this project is USD 200. we will add the same amount of our private money for each new bet sprint, unless communicated otherwise. be assured that it will never add less than USD 200.

🚦 stake amount: 1 unit = 5% of the bankroll (not recommended to copy that for your private betting)

stake amount for bet sprints will vary between 0.75 and 2.5 units per bet, depending on risk. no max bets.

πŸ—“ project duration: until we say stop (not less than 3months)

as soon as the project is finished, we will announce how the accumulated bankroll will be distributed.

❎voting: you will be able to vote as described below.

(1) twice a week, we will suggest 2-3 bets. you vote on which bet to stake. staking amount for 'voting bets' will always be 1 unit.

(2) in the unlikely event of loss >= 50% the current bet sprint stops. you vote on whether to use the remaining bankroll for the next bet sprint or share it among keyholders.

❗ loyalty matters. to get payouts after a bet sprint, you must hold at least one friendtech key for the entire duration of the bet sprint (4 weeks, unless communicated otherwise in advance). no discussion on that. the amount of keys you hold when the bet sprint ends is crucial for the payout.
the information shared on this page is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice. always consult a professional before making any financial decisions.

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