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pooky is an innovative sports prediction app that is based on gamification, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. the app offers football fans a unique and entertaining experience where they can earn real money with their expertise, aka football prediction skills.

to play pooky, you need the so-called pookyballs. pookyballs are digital collectibles that represent different football leagues and teams. each pookyball has unique attributes that can be upgraded over the course of the game.

once you 'own' your first pookyball, you can start predicting the results of football matches. the more accurate your predictions, the more points, pooky tokens, and $matic you will earn as a reward. in addition to the correct result, you will also get points for the correct trend (home win, draw, or away win), as well as the number of goals scored (better known as over/under), etc.

pooky tokens and $matic explained

pooky tokens are the in-game currency that you can use to upgrade existing pookyballs. they also are key to participate in exclusive events. pooky is also a play-to-earn game. what does that mean? depending on your performance in the respective gameweek, you will receive $matic in addition to the pooky tokens. $matic not only plays an important role in the game mechanics itself, but can also be converted into real money sooner or later.

pooky features

community: pooky has an active community where you can share your predictions, give tips, and discuss the match days with other football fans.

statistics and analysis: pooky also offers detailed statistics and analysis that can help you take your football prediction skills to the next level.

leaderboards and tournaments: in addition to the basic and pro leaderboards, there are tournaments. here you can compete against other football fans. in addition to pookyballs or sticker packs, also other attractive prizes can be won.


pooky is an innovative and user-friendly sports prediction app. the app offers a unique and entertaining experience for anyone who enjoys predicting football results. in addition to the fun of the game, you can also earn real money here week after week.

if you are passionate about sports, especially football, and are looking for a new and exciting way to engage with other fans around the globe, then pooky is the app for you. check it out! (◀ click here)

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